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How do I receive reviews from customers?

Customers will only be able to review your service after the job has been completed on the app. You can follow the steps below to start receiving reviews from customers:

Make sure customer has already tapped Book to book your services
Tap Requests on your dashboard
Tap Booked and search for the job you have completed
Tap Collect Payment & Get Reviewed
Select either Request for Payment (to collect payment through ConsultPay) or Payment Collected (if customer wishes to pay cash directly to you)
Insert the amount and tap Request RM [amount] or Proceed
Customer will then be notified and prompted to review your service. For customers who opt to pay using ConsultPay, they will receive the notification after they have successfully made their payment.
After a customer has reviewed your service, you will be notified on your app. You can tap on the notification to view it directly or you can follow the steps below to find it in your app:

Tap More on your dashboard
Tap View my reviews
Scroll to the review and tap Reply send a reply if you wish
Note: It is highly recommended to be as polite and professional as possible in your reply, as they will be seen by your future customers


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