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What are the terms and conditions of this program?

This program is available for Consult’s Android and iOS mobile apps only, hereinafter referred to as “Mobile Apps”. This program is not available on Consult.com website.
Your friends must not have made a payment before on the Consult app on any of their devices before.
The Email ID land/or phone number used to submit a request, must not have been used by any other user earlier.
If your friends used a referral code shared to them by someone else instead of your referral code first, the person whose code was used first would get the benefits.
A request submitted with a different email address or phone number using the same device will not qualify as a valid referral.
The mobile number provided by the friend to receive the OTP must not have been used to submit a request earlier.
The device on which the friend downloads the Consult app should not be rooted or jail-broken.
Consult app should not be installed using App runtime for Chrome, emulators or simulators.
Promo code earned through referral program can only be used by you.
Promo code earned using the referral program will have a validity of 90 days from the date you received the code. If unutilized, it will cease to exist and will not be renewed under any circumstances.
There is no limit on the number of persons you can refer.
Promo codes earned through referral program can be used while submitting a request or making a payment using the Consult mobile apps for Android and iOS.
When a customer makes a request submission using the promo code, in the event of cancellation of the job, the promo code cannot be used again.
Usage conditions of promo code may change at the discretion of Consult, at any point in time.


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