Why am I not receiving the OTP?

The one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your number via a telecom service provider. We try our level best to ensure that the code is delivered to you promptly. However, due to the following  reasons, you might experience a delay or non-delivery of the one-time password (OTP):

Incorrect Number: The mobile number provided by you may be incorrect. Please check the mobile number and request for a new OTP.
Connectivity Issues: Your telecom service provider may be facing connectivity issue at your location and this might cause delays or non-delivery.
Network Strength: Your location may have a poor network and this might cause delays or non-delivery.
If you did not receive the one-time password (OTP), you can tap the Resend Code option to receive a new one-time password (OTP), or you can also use the Call option to receive the code via a phone call.

Note: Be sure to space out the time between you requesting for a new OTP.


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